Beast of a Beech

•March 6, 2021 • Leave a Comment

Take a look at this beast. Growing right next to a tiny brook. One of the limbs have broken away. There’s some writing on the tree I reckon from many years ago when some children used to play in it. Quite a magical tree this one

Beasty Beech

Winter weather brings magic

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When the winter weather is less wet and miserable and more crisp and sunny it truly is a delight to be out.

Surprise! Another oak

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Yes you guessed it another oak. As much as I need to start taking pictures of other wonderful trees the oaks just keep drawing me in. This one right on the edge of a quarry. I will be coming back to this area as it’s got a lot of character .

Snow is falling

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Christmas has passed and the snow came late. But what beauty the snow brings. I would of liked more time with the camera but I made good of what I have. The snow is so bright that in some cases I could hand hold the camera.

The little old oak

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I spotted this oak a while back but was just waiting for the right time to capture it leaning away from the smaller trees on the right

Haven’t the foggiest

•December 5, 2020 • 1 Comment

Out in the fog looking for a good composition of these oak trees was not an easy thing to do but I think I captured its best angle.

Second visit

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Another visit to this old beast. Can’t keep away from it. Hoping to get a winter snow shot too.

The old beast

The problem with Raw files

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If your unfamiliar with raw files then in short it’s an un compressed file with all the information from the shot you took. If you want a more in depth explanation then google is your friend.

Now the problem with a raw file once downloaded it can look rather disappointing as it can look flat and lifeless. This is where vision comes in and remembering the moment. Why did you take that picture?what caught your eye? How did it look for you? Then you can start editing and bringing the image back to life.

Autumn almost gone

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I went out this morning with the intention of autumn pictures from individual broadleaf trees found in a dark wood. Well things just don’t work out as planned sometimes and quite frankly when you get home from woodland photography you can be regularly disappointed with the results as it’s such a hard subject matter. But the experience of being in the wood is worth more than the photography.

I was more happy with the dark almost black and white photograph rather than the autumn images. Composition is key when Photographing woodland. But if the composition isn’t there then it’s a case of making the most of what you got. On a good note I have found a location to come back to another day with or without the camera.

Planting for the future

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I have a fascination with oak trees and all trees but mainly oaks.

Planting for the future is the key so I have collected and planted acorns from this years bumper crop.

Oaks are slow growers but well worth investing time in.

Second visit to same spot

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As most photographers know success of an image doesn’t always come first time round. Wrong light or not sharp enough etc. This is what is happening to me at this particular area of the woods. It’s beautiful the trees are wonderful but that doesn’t mean a class image. This is the second visit for me and although my second shot I like I am not 100% happy with it but…. I will be back again till I get what I want. Just remember persistence is the key to the image you want.

Tricky month

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It’s been a tricky month, unable to get out and about due to personal reasons but all looking positive now.

Managed to get out and capture some wonderful scenes from the woods. The greens are at their best at the moment but these greens will soon be taking on their autumn colours and hopefully they will be spectacular. I will definitely have the camera at the ready.

If you have the time the get out in nature and go for a stroll in the woods. Remember some of the largest trees are from around 1761. That’s amazing.

Re visit in different seasons

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Sometimes you may come across a composition you like but something just doesn’t work. Take my picture below for instance. This same scene in June or July would be completely different. The light would possibly be harsher the foliage would be bright greens, it just wouldn’t have the same feel Or impact . It’s worth logging a area or composition you find by either writing a note or taking a quick picture with a camera phone then come back when conditions and time of year suite your scene.

The low light and autumn colours really do compliment this scene.


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Going through some oldies at the moment seeing what I have and where to improve.

Came across this shot. I think I went back three times to get the right conditions even then it was too windy. But made the best of a poor situation and I think I’ve done a respectful job. I’m guessing this was ten years ago. Unfortunately the woods has since been felled but maybe il go back and see if this tree is still standing. Sometimes you just have to come to terms with the fact that some woods are commercially grown therefore eventually they will be harvested. Maybe this stray tree was saved?.

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Free blog=uncontrolled adverts

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You may see lots of advertising on my blog. Unfortunately I have no control over these as this is a free blog. In future I may upgrade but for now please ignore them as they are not my doing.

Little pockets of gold

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It seems that you can be looking and walking and looking but you just can’t find inspiration. Sometimes, just sometimes it’s better to enjoy being out then it seems the pocket of gold comes to you. Amongst all the pines a ray of light beamed straight on to this lovely oak .

Old oaks obsession

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Yes another oak. In fact this is just a limb of an oak that is gigantic. I didn’t take any pictures of the actual oak but sometimes you just cannot get the right angle. In this case the fallen limb was the shot.

The oak is 9ft wide and possibly 700-900yrs old. I will get an image but I will have to come back at different times of year I think.


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Nikon d7100

Ok so it’s not all about the gear but you have to feel comfortable with what you have and I had the Nikon d3200 which is an entry level camera. Its great for portraits and simple but not a landscape camera at all.

I invested ( had to sell my bike) in a Nikon d7100 body an boy am I glad I did. It feels soo much better to use . There will be a lot more testing but after it’s first use I feel happy.

If I’m honest

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If I’m honest it’s been a few years since being out in the woods photographing and I’ve missed it.

Tonight was….eye opening. My composition is rusty. I got the exposure and hopefully the sharpness but the composition needs to be worked on. The woods is a difficult place to photograph, lot of contrast and hard to get the composition correct. I’m not giving up. Try try again.

New post alert

•July 7, 2020 • Leave a Comment

Ok so not the most amazing post but a post nether the less.

Here in the Forest of Dean as you may have guessed due to the name, we have some amazing trees and these small ( but large) collection of oaks has caught my attention many times . I took a picture of them many years ago in the snow but now I’m back to try new angles. They give off an energy that excites me to capture it. Not an easy task and I’m sure il be back again.

Forest of Dean

Oaks are slow growing.These ones have seen many generations of people come and go. We have trees here dating back to 1599.